Android Icons & Splashscreens

Oct 4, 2014

When creating an Android project in Cordova, a range of icons and splashscreens are automatically created.

These resources are located in the [YOUR APP]/platforms/android/res folder.

You can put the necessary icons and splashscreens elsewhere in your project and then reference the files through the config.xml file as detailed in the Cordova documentation, but this could lead to the icons and splashscreens for all platforms being included in every application binary you create, unnecessarily increasing the size of your app.

So if you want to do it the manual way, just open the [YOUR APP]/platforms/android/res folder and replace the default icons and splashscreens with your own ones.

What size should your images be?

Glad you asked.

The following image should help.

Cordova Android App Icons and Splashscreen image dimensions

The Ringmaster

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